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Future Roots Project is dedicated to improving the lives of people living in impoverished communities in Central America. From teacher training to creative and health initiatives in classrooms, we strive to help people escape cycles of poverty by focusing on the people that need it most to create a better world.

Making a Difference

We have impacted the lives of thousands of children, hundreds of teachers, and numerous communities throughout Latin America through various educational, creative, and health initiatives. We are committed to remaining adaptable in order to break the individualized barriers that are preventing people from reaching their maximum potential.

Ways to Give

Your unrestricted donation can help us make the world a better place by impacting impoverished communities in Central America. Together, we can help bring an end to broken educational systems and eliminate barriers to creativity and health. For more information on ways you can help, please see Get Involved.

Our Story

Who We Help

Future Roots Project believes that in order to build a better future, we must concentrate on helping our most cherished resource – children. When children grow up in communities with access to basic resources, have teachers who are adequately prepared to deal with challenges in classrooms and barriers to educational goals, and with an ethos of fostering creativity, they are more likely to develop a love of learning. By continuing to nurture education and wellness we help make communities stronger.

Mission, Vision and Values

Future Roots Project is a 5013c nonprofit focused on sustainable educational, artistic, and health initiatives to create the systemic changes necessary to promote a higher quality of life for the impoverished communities that we serve in Central America.

Where We Work

Future Roots Project began working in the impoverished schools and communities in 2013. Working in rural areas, we improve the quality of life for those who need it most by empowering children, nourishing communities, and striving for systemic growth. Clean drinking water, adequate medical care, and schools that lack basic necessities are barriers to long term growth. We open doors for the brilliant people living in the most difficult circumstances by providing important educational and artistic opportunities. Since our inception, we have expanded to new communities throughout Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Central America.

Meet Our Team

Jaime Belden

President and Co-Founder

Jaime Belden is a dedicated teacher from Robbinsdale, Minnesota and co-founder of Future Roots Project. Starting in 2013 with the belief that all children deserve a high-quality education regardless of the situation in which they are born into, she has been dedicating herself to improving the quality of education in Central America by providing teacher trainings that promote literacy, critical thinking, creativity, and social and emotional development. While supporting the most impoverished schools, teachers, and students, she has been actively promoting peace in high conflict communities by investing in basic literacy education.

In 2018, Hamline University awarded her the First Decade Award for her outstanding accomplishments in the field of global studies. Her specialization in global education and in-depth cultural knowledge allows her to effectively analyze the transnational issues of education inequality and illiteracy. Putting into practice key concepts of cultural competency, awareness, and sensitivity, she is able to successfully collaborate with local leaders through powerful cross-cultural relationship building.

Nita Seng

Vice President

Born in Cambodia, raised in California, Nita fell in love with teaching as an AmeriCorps member at the Nativity School of Worcester. She continued her commitment to providing quality education to the most vulnerable children at Brooke Charter School in East Boston and Para Los Niños in Los Angeles. Her work in education brought her to Guatemala, Mexico, Spain, India, and Nicaragua, where she teamed up with Future Roots Literacy Projects. She is grateful for her international experiences because they taught her how educators can really create meaningful change everywhere.

Nita has earned a BA from Wellesley College, an MBA from Assumption College, and an Ed.M. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. In addition to working as a middle-school instructional lead and teaching math, Nita works at the intersection of education and technology to support teachers in crisis. In her spare time, she practices Hatha yoga, plays the ukulele, and goes hiking and cycling as often as possible.

Community Comments

“All of us who know FRP are proud and grateful for everything. Someday, I also want to help other people, because it must feel satisfying to know you are making a difference. It is important to know what inspires you. In every place you go, you will remain in the heart of everyone who met you. FRP brings smiles to the faces of children and families who suffer. The least I can do is tell you these things, after everything you have done for us. I send a big hug on behalf of our community.”



“My close relationship with Future Roots Project began in July 2009 when I met Jaime Belden at a meeting of the Crystal-New Hope-Robbinsdale Rotary club. Jaime reported on her volunteer work in Nicaragua and her desire to become a Rotary volunteer for the purpose of developing ties with Rotarians in Minnesota and Nicaragua. I enthusiastically support the humanitarian activities of Future Roots Project because the work being performed by the Future Roots staff epitomizes Rotary’s motto of ‘Service Above Self.’”

John LaPointe

President (2019 - 2020), Rotary Club of Crystal-New Hope-Robbinsdale, Minnesota, USA

“I have been participating in the vocational trainings since 2015 and this project has greatly benefited the teachers and students of this community. I am learning new skills and strategies that help me address the difficulties we face as teachers. Jaime visits us often in the classroom, making the children very happy, while trying out the new games, songs, stories and activities. We are helping the students to develop important reading and writing abilities; so they can become literate and express themselves freely. These educational opportunities motivate them to participate and to continue studying. We didn’t have any support for a long time before this project started.”

Brunilda Tinkam

Second Grade Teacher, Training Participant

Future Roots Project is a 5013c nonprofit (view 990 form)  focused on sustainable educational, artistic, and health initiatives to create the systemic changes necessary to promote a higher quality of life for the impoverished communities that we serve in Central America.


Address: 2909 France Ave N, Robbinsdale, MN, 55422
Email: belden@futurerootsproject.org


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