The Importance of Education, Creativity & Health

Future Roots has been improving Central America’s most forgotten communities since 2013 believing that everyone deserves a high quality education that cultivates literacy, critical thinking, complex problem solving, and creativity regardless of the situation in which they were born.  

Education not only maximizes the potential of each individual to become a fully participating member of their community, both socially and economically, but also creates healthier, more peaceful and prosperous societies abroad.

By providing innovative literacy skills to local educators, we empower them to transform the lives of their students by uncovering new opportunities, eventually leading to more employment options and better futures. Reducing cyclical poverty and inequality enables growth that leads to healthier, safer, and more stable societies.

We can’t talk about peacebuilding and international development without addressing education, the key to opening doors and creating possibilities. Teachers, educators, parents and leaders have the quintessential opportunity to create pathways leading to more peaceful societies.  

This model has proven to be very successful. Over 450 teachers have completed our training, benefiting over 100,000 students total studying in some of Central America’s poorest schools. Improving a broken education system does not happen overnight, but it is possible through committed, sustainable efforts with our teachers and children. We have seen a shift away from the traditional model of repetition, memorization, copying and dictation; toward new methods that promote comprehension, critical thinking, problem-solving, innovation and self-expression.

We have several ongoing initiatives that address the need for clean water, adequate health care, and access to a high quality education.

  • Provided 500+ families with clean drinking water by distributing Sawyer filters that last for over 20 years and remove 99.9% of bacteria.
  • Helped a brigade of dentists treat hundreds of children suffering from serious dental issues.
  • Offered positive learning experiences focused on literacy and reading comprehension to thousands of students in difficult conditions.
  • Donated over 700 high-quality, culturally relevant children’s books to local teachers.
  • Delivered school supplies, including world maps, to the most remote schools lacking even the most basic resources.
  • By adding music, theater, dance, creative writing and other forms of art in the curriculum, we are actively providing a more enriching educational experience for students.
  • So far, 450 teachers have participated in our educational music campaign, learning and teaching more than 10 songs that are now been sung by thousands of preschool students.

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Future Roots Project is a 5013c nonprofit (view 990 form)  focused on sustainable educational, artistic, and health initiatives to create the systemic changes necessary to promote a higher quality of life for the impoverished communities that we serve in Central America.


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